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Voice of Death

A touch of evil for vocals and other instruments.

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1.0d (Updated 1 year ago)
October 31, 2019
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Happy Halloween!

A touch of evil for vocals and other instruments.

Asymmetrical distortion. Multimode filter with "Gurgle" function. Dual pitch shift, tape type delay and stereo flanger. Can be used for anything from subtle enhancement to punishing hellscapes.

Much attention was given to minimizing aliasing and dc offset and to the ensemble having an analog like sound.

It sounds pretty good at 44.1/48 kHz and gets better from there. Double check any 384kHz renders though, the delay and pitch shifter may get batty up there.

UPDATE v1.0d: The B view now has additional controls beyond what is on the main panel, useful to get at extra delay and flanger parameters. Improved flanger sound with anti-aliased saturation now adjustable on the B panel.

UPDATE: V1.0c - Front panel refinements, higher resolution knobs.

UPDATE: V1.0b - Gurgle effect is more pronounced, and can track the envelope both faster and slower. More extreme sounding presets. Fixed a small modulation issue.


Satan - Dry/Wet mix for the pitch shifter (Jan Brähler algorithm) with Left and Right Pit controls.

Gurgle - An envelope follower modulates the multimode filter's cutoff frequency. Raise this to increase the effect. This is stereo modulation, where the left and right sides modulate in opposite directions. You may wish to re-tweak the cutoff frequencies when using this control. The response time can be controlled with the Slow button.

Guts - Left and Right cutoff frequency for the multimode filter.

Shriek - Left and Right resonance for the multimode filter.

Crush - Distortion gain control.

Canyon - Dry/Wet mix for a tape style delay with Time, Feedback and Modulation control.

Pit L R - Left and Right pitch control for the Satan pitch shift effect.

Slow - Slows the response of the envelope follower's effect on the filter's cutoff frequency.

Twist - Applies a triangle LFO to both left and right cutoff frequency, in opposing polarities. The LFO speed is controlled by the Fast knob.

LP-BP-HP Left and Right - Fades the filter modes between lowpass, bandpass and highpass.

Fast - Controls the speed of the triangle lfo, which modulates cutoff frequency and delay time modulation.

Time - Controls the delay time.

Feedback - Controls the delay feedback.

Mod - Amount of delay time modulation. The modulation speed of the delay time, and also the Twist section is controlled by the Fast knob.

In - Master input gain.

Out - Master output gain.

Fire - Dry/Wet mix of the filter and distortion effects.

Fury - Dry/Wet mix of the stereo flanger. Flanger settings are fixed on the A panel (for now). Additional parameters are now adjustable from the B panel.

The B panel has all of the controls on a plain GUI.


Jerome Santiago
1 year ago
DO you SeE! Do YOU SEE! DO YOU SEE! - Event Horizon
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
nice and fun, surprise everywhere !
Eric Bridenbaker
1 year ago
Thanks Paule!
1 year ago
Ah - 3-D knobs to the furious Helloween sound - great.