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Stereo Delay / Reverb / Chorus / Time Wrecker

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1.1 (Updated 9 months ago)
December 20, 2019
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


This is the reverb section of my previously released synth ensemble, Twin Sisters, in module form.

It features some new functionalities that will be added to the synth at a later date.

Improvements and modifications include:

• 2 modulation inputs that can be assigned to each knobs with different logic functions (A, B, A+B, A-B, A/B) with bidirectional intensity knobs.

• Each knob is assigned to one aspect of this module: I is Decay, II is Split, III is Scatter, IV is Focus and V is Mix.

• An improved algorithm which, to my ears, sounds pretty amazing overall.

• Reaktor BLOCKS-ready.

• Two versions: Dark (DRK) and Bright (BRT) knobs.

• Stereo inputs and stereo outputs.

• Can go as subtle or as crazy as you want it.

As always, let me know what you think or what could be improved.

Happy patching!


Hans Gruber
3 months ago
Can I use this reverb section as a plugin in DAW to manipulate audio files (vocals). If it is possible, I don't know how. Thank you for helping me!
Laszlo Bolender
5 months ago
Hey Jerome! I'll take that as a compliment! :-) I do not have the Strymon Magneto, though it's a super nice module. I'll look into adding some functionalities in the future for sure.
Jerome Santiago
8 months ago
Were you shooting for a Strymon Magneto? because to my ears you've come close, hope you can build in some of the Magneto functionality its a superb delay unit.
László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
1 year ago
Thank you, Claude! Glad you enjoy this module. :-)
Claude S.
1 year ago
Do you ever wake up and think to yourself... "Self? How lucky am I that while sipping my coffee I get amazing gifts such as this for free? And just for poking around the Reaktor UL... "
László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
1 year ago
Hi Pablo, thank you for your kind words!
Pablo Bastian
1 year ago
Very fluid! Instant liquid and melting texture Thanks for sharing :)