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Subtractive and Granular synthesis combination

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January 08, 2020
Reaktor 5 or lower


ZENSTORM is a combination of subtractive and granular synthesis creating a perfect balanced texturiser.

It works through MIDI mapping and by playing any key note both ZEN and STORM audio modules are started.

The ZEN module is a mono subtractive synth with an "Oscillator Switch" for chosen preference of waveform (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle or Square wave), together with an ADSR envelope and a Filter with cutoff and resonance with the possibility of choosing between Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass filter. All of that being controlled by one master volume fader.

The STORM module consists of a sample input that use granular synthesis for altering them. The select knob is for choosing between the 5 presets samples added to the patch or it's possible to drag your own samples into the input. There is a speed parameter for how fast the sample is scanned, as well as, a reverse button for a change of the scanning direction. And then the output is combined with an ADSR envelope for more control over the sound. The output is stereo and you can control individually the Left/Right level.

PLUS: 2FX rack were added for enhancing the sounds obtained with the combination of the two audio modules. The FX A is a Reverb and FX B a Pitch Shifter.


1 year ago
Hey, this is really beautiful. I like how it is relatively simple (compared to other creations in the User Library) but every part adds something special to the instrument. Many thanks! :)
1 year ago
Please rar your upload - thanks.
Carlo Leoni
1 year ago
thx a lot! very usefull!