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VHS Dry/Wet/Gate function

Updated with DRY/Wet.

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3.0 (Updated 10 months ago)
February 03, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Added a gate for the noise to follow the input signal (hated how the original just always played the noise sounds). And a general Dry/Wet for the FX Part.

This way i believe u have better control on how much u want to "Degrade" a sound.
It's not perfect but i hope it will help someone!

Shoutout to James Peck for the amazing work on the original VHS Plugin, and the gate is made by Wade Clarke.


4 months ago
Lifesaver, thank you!
Aurelious Christian
8 months ago
10/10 Thank you!
cecilia brown
9 months ago
Thanks very much.
9 months ago
P.S Is there any way of having a mix knob for the Mic Emulation?
9 months ago
Requested the Mix functionality some time back. Not complaining that he didn't get around to it, but very grateful that you did. Many thanks :)
Kimmo Kivelä
9 months ago
New version sounds * * * * better than old one, even I didn't get the new module working correct. Have to check it out.
Joseph Guisti
9 months ago
This is super helpful, I've been meaning to dust off my Reaktor skills and do the same exact mod. Thanks!
Bamdad Espahbod
9 months ago
may God bless your soul, though that's conditional on his existence and you having a soul anyhow amazing work ;-) and a gajillion thanks
Machtigen Salas
9 months ago
Best Tape Plugin out.