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Midi Leveller

Produce Variations of an existing Midi Track

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1.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
February 11, 2020
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Produce Variations of an existing Midi Track by changing the NotePitch.
Insert this PlugIn as an Midi-FX in your DAW
Read the German Manual at
(or translate it to English and send me the File)
V 1.1:
Right Name of the PlugIn-File
Output Module: Bug on Initialization removed (Thx to CatmanDude {Reactor-God} for the right Trick), Auto added
Main: Panic Button at the Logo (Hope you don´t need that)
Modulation: More intuitive Sort on the "Step-List", now in English
Snapshot: Random optimized
ScGen: Length of "Ragtime-Prest" (Sekt) korrekt


Phil Price
2 weeks ago
English manual here:
Thijs Pronk
4 weeks ago
Excellent stuff. Really useful for making variations. Thanks!
Catman Dude
1 month ago
Michael, ich danke dir; aber ich bin ganz wie Du, nur ein Student.
1 month ago
Thank you, Michael.
Martin Blasko
1 month ago
Thank you Michael, I was just about to make something like this myself. Your ensemble does more then what I had in mind. Would you mind if I would put out version with English labels and maybe some tweaks?