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Deep Blue 1.6

Dive Deep into the Waves ........

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1.6 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 22, 2020
Reaktor 6


Update 1.6
Sorry, now i think i am Done...
Beautiful Presets

Update 1.5:
Redesigned Wavetable Behaviour
Instead of FM more Waveshaping

I hope you will Enjoy :)

Update 1.2:
Improved FM Section
Detune and Tremolo added
More Presets !

Update 1.1.
Sorry, now removed the DAW Play/Stop Switch, which prevented the Synth playing while DAW in Stop-Mode.

Used some Elements from my Synth Kislota


Philipp-Moritz Schneider
5 months ago
Thank you !
Samantha Wheeler
9 months ago
Really really good, deep blue is like cornflower it really thickens and adds richness to my songs especailly those solo parts that have to be done, the acoustic 3 setting is really good to fill that empty low frequency space below my voice and gives me the confidence to really nail those vocals! Had to come back to give the five stars, so glad I downloaded this several months ago! Anastasia Laser.
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
1 year ago
@lesly: wich DAW You are using ? I made Automation ID for 8 Marcos, cutoff, reso, ADSR, but not for all. Maybe i can fix it. Cheers
lesly remy
1 year ago
I know you said you were done making updates but Ive been having trouble automating any of the synth parameters - specifically when using Max LFO. Is there a solution?
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
1 year ago
@Bruno: this makes me happy!
Bruno Fischer
1 year ago
My new go to synth when it comes to bass. Thank you!