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Box of Delays

Spectral delay & tempo-sync'd mangler with mod matrix

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April 22, 2020
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Effect Delay based


Fell asleep one night dreaming of a spectral delay & set to building one the next morning. Well, OK, I say "morning," I really mean "afternoon," but the point is it's what I worked on as soon as I woke up. Wonky sleep schedule these days. But that's beyond the point. Started with Danie Scholz's clone of the Dopefer A-128 Fixed Filter Bank, mostly to streamline the process for myself and not have to do the busywork of assembling a filter bank five minutes after stumbling out of bed and while I was in a Zoom class on the other side of the screen, and set to making a 15-band spectral delay. Each band has individual time, feedback, dry/wet, pan and volume controls. That was all well and good, it was sounding great, I was very happy with it, but then I remembered a little tempo-synced delay scrubber (two channels, left and right, of 8 chained delays, with a S&H randomizer that scans between the 8 delays) I'd been building and thought, hey, maybe I can tack this on to the end of the signal chin, and whadda-ya-know, that sounded even cooler. So then I, like an idiot, thought "hey, maybe there should be some modulation for the dry/wet blend on that second delay. Before I knew it, I awoke from some sort of patching trance and had an 8-in/11-out mod matrix, with 5 envelope followers from every point in the chain and 3 independent LFO's, capable of modulating each other or themselves in both frequency and shape, routable to various wet/dry blends, frequency controls, delay times, feedback amounts (including a master loop), etc.

Anyway, this is the result of feverish building over the past 36 hours, it sounds super cool and has a lot of potential for weirdo sounds. I've already used it in a few ambient pieces and it can really smear stuff around. No snapshots but I'm pretty sure the controls are intuitive (although I would think so, I built them). If I stumble across great sounds as I work with it, I'll try to build up a snapshot bank for v2.

Audio demo: original recording, delay, delay w/ modulation, delay w/ LOTS of modulation