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Synthesizer based frequencies divisions

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June 06, 2020
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The Endoharmincs is an instrument inspired by the ancestors of modern synthesizers and drum machines which are the Telharmonium and Rhythmicon, we could say the first "synth" and the first "drum machine"

It's made up by two main oscillator and four sub-oscillators, two for each oscillator. The sub-oscillators are quantized in the sub-harmonic series of notes and the all is driven by two 4Step sequencer where their tempo can be modified via 4 sub-tempo divisors assignable separately to both sequencers. All go through a multimode 4 pole filter, then amplified and then processed via the onboard FX which are a synced delay and a spring modulated reverb. we also have two indipendent EG (AD) assigned at Filter and Amp, an multiwave modulable LFO and a matrix controller where you can create other intersting modulation.

Hope you enjoy it

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John Rodgers
1 year ago
Fascinating instrument
1 year ago
You've done a good job so far. I'd like the Okavanese selection and some patch exits and entrances. For example all 6 oscillator outputs or rhythm 1-4 inputs.
Turby Schmidt
1 year ago
Dear Pasquale, you are one of the guys that male this library amazing. Thx a bunch
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Malcolm McGeorge
1 year ago
Looks great! Is there a manual?
Pasquale Lo Zito
1 year ago
No midi and no tempo sync(for the moment)
Guillaume Richard
1 year ago
thanks Pasquale! it sounds great. just to be sure: it doesnt accept midi notes in !?
1 year ago
Ah Ah! Knobs from OreKore. Thanks Pasquale.