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The Uggo - Updated to 1.1.0

Sine bank synth great for pads and unique leads

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Tom Jarvis
1.1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
June 19, 2020
Reaktor 6


The Uggo is an ugly synth, but it has a lot to offer. It is designed for people looking to explore non-traditional oscillators and learn how to create sounds beyond your standard waveforms. It is especially good for making interesting pads.

– Ensure the "ADSR Position" decay is short if you are using FM
– When the Partial meter is white, it means the Fx(n) knobs are the same and no modulation will occur on that partial.
– When using FM the ADSRs of the sub AND the oscillator modulating it will be important.

The oscillators are made up of four sine waves (partials) each. These partials can be controlled by the F knobs. They can be set to remain constant by keeping the Fx(1) and Fx(2) knobs the same. If these knobs are different, the "ADSR Position" envelope will sweep between the two frequency values. The same can be said for each volume fader.

To get the root note, set the F knob to its lowest value.

The sub oscillator is a simple sine wave that can be Frequency Modulated (FM) by one or both of the main oscillators. It has its own dedicated filter.

The main filter section runs a Low Pass (LP) and a High-Pass (HP) filter in parallel. you can select which oscillator (or both) goes into each filter.

The filter is also controlled by its own seperate ADSR envelope.


Developed by Tom Jarvis, editor of Audio Ordeal

Bugs can be sent to

Version 1.1.0 [Current]
--- Removed ugly GUI borders to make space
--- Redesigned the Knobs using the KnobMan app
--- Added a cleaner interface, including clickable logo for additional information
--- A few panel design changes
--- Fixed the Oscillator pitch octave bug at octave 3

Version 1.0.1
--- You could call this a day-one patch, removing redundant objects in the synth and cleaning some of the mess

Version 1.0.0
--- It has been born!


garrick girard
5 months ago
Very interesting, thanks! I've been getting tired of all the normal synthesizers out there. I will definitely explore this one.