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Niji Jam

Jam Sequencer sequencing Niji Drums, modulated by 8 Steps

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1.0 (Updated 9 months ago)
July 26, 2020
Reaktor 6
Blocks Racks


In this patch, the Maschine Jam Sequencer is sequences all Niji Drums except the Cowbell. Two Bento 4 Mods modulation sequencers add movement to the Niji Drums and the additional Bento SVF filter on the mix output.


- The Bento SVF filter on the mix output can be used to filter and distort the Niji Drums by turning down the cutoff. The distortion is created by also sending the input signal to the filter's FM input.
- Each Niji Drum is modulated by a single channel from the two Bento 4 Mods modulation sequencers. The sound of the patch can be completely transformed by adjusting the modulating amounts on the Niji Drums (modulation bus A), and by changing the modulation sequences on the Bento 4 Mods.
- Util Mix 4 is used as a mono mixer with two inputs per channel by enabling the mono sum function on each channel. Therefore, not all drums can be mixed separately.

Required Blocks:

- Blocks Base (from KOMPLETE Start)
- Maschine Jam Sequencer (from REAKTOR User Library)
- Niji Drums (from REAKTOR User Library)


Petty Vendetta
9 months ago
Nice one Jan. Thanks!
9 months ago
The notice for required blocks should be mandatory for all uploaders.
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
relocation is welcome here