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polyrhythms and subharmonics

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 01, 2020
Reaktor 6


My first attemt in building a synth in reaktor. Its a recreation of a hardware synth for creating polyrhythms and subharmonics. Its still far from being optimised and there are still some parts missing. Just give it a try and please let me know what you think.

v 0.2
- Fixed the seq 2 assign buttons for sub1 and sub 2
- There is now a snashot with a possible configuration of the synth

I tried to rebuild many of the prime componens in core but failed really hard :)
I will digg into the patch point system and will try to implement this in future versions.

v 0.3
- Pitch routing and oscilator section rebuilt in core and working
- Different order of the oscillator waves in the list
- Patching system in preparation

v 1.0
- Available as a Blocks Module with Patchpoints
- Available as a Ensemble whitout Patchpoints


David Sparks
9 months ago
Cant get audio to work. Would love an update
Mark Vann
11 months ago
I really wanted this to work but it the sub oscs quit working after a few moments. Super cool idea and I look forward to checking it out again.
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
As promised...55 snaps right here:
Willie Lewis
1 year ago
Following.... I agree with Jonathan!
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
After lots of playing, this would work really well as a block with the patch points akin to the hardware, which would make for some great modular experiences.
Mike Turner
1 year ago
Really enjoying this! I think the Seq 2 Sub 1 and Sub 2 buttons map to the wrong sub-oscillators?
Willie Lewis
1 year ago
Excellent recreation and straightforward GUI! Looking forward to your updates on this!
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Interesting, but I can't get the polyrhythm working. Can you drop a patch example at some time ?
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
Working on some patches now, Michael. Thanks for sharing!