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8Poly/Mono/Unison VA Synth

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1.0b (Updated 5 months ago)
August 02, 2020
Reaktor 6


UL - 8000
Subtructive synth with 2Multimodes modifid & over-sampeld Filters, 3EGs, 3LFOs, 3SEQs, and 4 slots of Modulation matrix.

// current version //
- Added new Trajectoire's soundbank (+-30 snapshots). by Pillipe Loiseau.

//----Main Features----//
// Oscillators (4Waveforms*2) //
- Scannable waveforms shapes for the oscillators.
- Sync Oscillator 2 to 1.
- Sub and Noise Oscillators.

// Filters (4Points interpolation SR/2 OS) //
- Filter1a - Scannable LP/ BP/ HP/ Pickups (Notch/ Preaking/ LP-6dB/ HP-6dB) 'SVF'.
- FIlter1b - -12dB/Octave or -24dB/Octave 'Ladder' Filter with tanh saturation.
- FIlter2a - Scannable LP/ BP/ HP/ Pickups (Notch/ Preaking/ LP-6dB/ HP-6dB) 'SVF'.
- Filter2b - 'MultiNotchLP' - 2/4/6Notch Filter followed by 2nd order 4Pole Butterworth LP.
- Serial/Parallel flters configuration.
- XFade for Parrallel config, and InputLvl1>2 for serial config.

// Mod Matrix //
- 4 slots (up to 4 parameters) of modulation.
- each slot got an MIDI controllers(CC,MW,AT) for automate the 'Depth' of the modulation.
- internal signal avrager in-case you target the same parameter more than ones.

// Output //
- switch between EG2/Gate to control the output level.
- Lvl and Pan controllers.
- Voices Stereo Spread (Poly Mode only).
- Switch On/Off level reduction per voice.
- Ext/Fbk with 'Load' knob to control the amounts of the input to the Filters.
(Ext mode uses an Input on the 'top level' of the synth code to process external devices).

// Modulators //
- [EG] - 3 ADSR Envelopes.
- [LFO] - 1st and 2nd LFOs are the standard R6 LFOs with additional Random LFO, and the 3rd LFO is 8WTables*2 LFO with XFade to mix between the tables.
- [SEQ] - 3sequancers 1st is for the pitch, 2nd is free assignable as a ModMatrix source, and the 3rd is for the Amplitude.

// GUI //
- responsive GUI with events-followers(modReturns) for the modulation.

// Have Fun! //
- enjoy this synth and if you like it, let this synth be a part of your musical journey.

// Version History //
- Fixed Distribution Bus connection issue for Waveform2 Scanner
- Cliped 'Filter2 NotchLP - Fbk' controller
- Added the 'Filter2 NotchLP - Spread' to the matrix Target lists
- Added SEQ2 to matrix Sources3 and 4 (in the last version its only on Sources1 and2)

- Added Tune1, Tune2 for oscillator tuning
- Added Lvl controllers for Sub and Noise oscillators
- Added Polarity buttons for the LFOs
- Added EG3 as a default source for the pitch of oscillator2
- GUI added orange dots 'events-followers' for the defaulte EG1(filters), EG3(Pitch Osc2)mod
- GUI added extra layer for the sequancer design
Thanks to Phillipe Loiseau for the report.

- added 'LvlReduce' switch on/off for the Output.
- added 'Fbk/Ext' button to feedback the signal to the filter, or process(filter) more signals via external input.
- added 'Load' knob to control the amounts of Fbk/Ext to the filter.
- GUI added an LED lamp 'Load' lvl indicator.
- GUI fixed issue for the orange dots 'event-followers' of the filters to become invisible if no filter was chosen.

- Added ducumentation for the 'Info Hints' on most of the synth's params.
- Added values readout for the EG's parameters.
- Added 'Tuning-Fine2' as a matrix destination on the 'Target' lists.
- Fixed modulation Bug for the Semi1/Semi2.
- Fixed the code for the 'modulation-mixdown' macro therfore better overall modulation behavor.
- Fixed overlapping issue for the modulation indicators dots.
- Fixed lighter Orange color for the Step-indicator of the sequancers for better contrast.
- Fixed Sequencer3(amplitude) behavor.
- Fixed nonKeyTracked behavor for the Pitch of oscillator2.
- Fixed Fbk 'Load' behavor.
Thanks to Phillipe Loiseau for the report.

// Creadit //
Daniel Battaglia for sharing his Sequncers,
Salamanderanagram for sharing his tutorials on YT,
Chet Singer for sharing his 'Polyhonic Portamento' on the UL,
Reaktor6 'Build in Primery' Documetetion for the Sequencer tutorials,
and Phillipe Loiseau from the UL for pushing me to create this beast in the first place, and also creating great sounding bank for this synth!.


Moshe Banano
1 month ago
you'r welcom.
Michael Hagen
2 months ago
Thx it's fine
Michael McPherson
3 months ago
Sounds very nice, thank you.
Moshe Banano
4 months ago
:D don't forget to check what go's on with Ralph
Petty Vendetta
4 months ago
652 downloads and no comments? And all those yummy snaps too. OK here go. You like 'em big? You like 'em phat? You like 'em plumpin? Moshe's got the VA for you. Fancy yourself the next Jarre...or Vangelis? This baby's got everything but the cape. Bask in the rich richness of triple modulation. Get your arpeggio on and groove. This little momma knows how to get PHILTHY too. I let my friend Ralph try her and I haven't seen him since. C'mon bishes...give a little back fer Chrissakes.