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Hershman Filter Tank

Filter Bank

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0.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 22, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Filter


This is a reconstruction of the legendary Sherman Filterbank.

All credit to Kassian Troyer, upon who's "heRman FiLterbank" ensemble the Hershman Filter Tank is based. He built his version 15 years ago and it still sounds amazing.

User interface and panel elements (re-) designed by me.

Use it as is or for its component parts.



Salvatore Fanara
7 months ago
manual? email it to me at What doe it do exactly? how can i use it?
Marcel Schwarz
1 year ago
I like it! Have the hardware MKII here ... yes it is different, but this emulation or inspired ensemble also bring some nice results. Some of the knob animation are wrong: Sync, Envelope intensity, the S of the envelope. Maybe you can fix that in version 0.2. :)
1 year ago
Yesterday I was thinking about S FBank emulation. And now!!!)
1 year ago
Deep joy. I have been after a hardware version of one of these for a long time. I would save up then a more urgent need would occur. Now this little beauty comes along. Thank you, you have made an old man happy.
1 year ago
Hi Martin! Thanks for commenting. To be honest, I wouldn't know! All i did was redesign the user interface for an older version by another Reaktor user. I read the comments on his build and because they're all so positive I decided to put it in the spotlight some more by giving it a new skin. Maybe one day, when I've built up the skill, I'll build one closer to the real deal. I hope at least you get some use and fun out of it!
Martin lemay
1 year ago
Hi! As an owner of the original Sherman Filterbank mk1, a have to say that is nothing like the Sherman. I mean every parameter doesn't response as the real one, and the tone is not there, BUT, it is a very good creative devise!!! thank you so much, good work.
1 year ago
Many thanks!
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Thank you Peter
1 year ago
Here it is! Thanks Peter