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Complex Modulator

Dual LFO With Reciprocal FM and Logical Outputs

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Ev Buckley
0.9 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 11, 2020
Reaktor 6


Complex Modulator is a pair of reciprocally frequency modulated LFOs with outputs for individual waves, min/max, proximity, sum, and average, as well as zero crossings, wave crossings, and greater and less than comparisons.

Selectable raw waveforms are Sine, Descending Ramp, Triangle, and Square. PWM is available for the Square wave, and Waves can be reset by manual buttons and by reset inputs, including a single reset input to sync waveform start.

Min/Max output is switchable, and positive zero crossings for the Left and Right waves, and the Min/Max wave work as gates, holding open while the wave is positive. Wave crossings LxR output triggers. Greater than and less than comparison between Left and Right waves output as 0-1logic.

The arbitrary upper limit of the LFO frequency is 12Hz, but frequency modulation can push that to 22hz by adding up to 10Hz to the base value.

Version 0.9: Minor tweaks to panel pending.


Ev Buckley
1 year ago
Ah, sure why not? No sense in making everyone load up logic and comparator blocks when I can just build it all in!
Timothy Duffie
1 year ago
I haven't even patched this up yet and I already love it just from the OCD amount of outputs :D :D :D