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Probability Sequencer

Probability Defined 8 Step Gate and CV Sequence

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Ev Buckley
0.91 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 18, 2020
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Probability Sequencer

by Ev Buckley, 2020

.91: Squashed obvious step indicator bug caused by incorrect version upload.

Probability based sequencer, with 8 steps flipped from on to off or vice versa by 8 selectors.

With each step, a selector can point at the next or previous step, and triggers a coin toss with a probability of success set by the Prob knob. If it is successful, it flips the state of the step it points at. Steps can be pointed at and flipped by two adjacent steps.

If the step button is On when the step is read, the module outputs a gate of length set by the gate knob. This length is independent of the step length but will retrigger at a new On step if it overlaps.

The gate is sent also to a Bernoulli Gate output, which outputs either G1 or G2, depending on the probability set by G-Prob.

Finally the state of the Flip selector is sent to the Flip output, normalised to 0, .5 and 1.
It is slewed between the new and previous value two at a rate set by the Slew knob.

To Do: replace Slew processor from NI Bento block with bespoke design.


10 months ago
Very cool - thanks for sharing
Gabriel Schafman
11 months ago
I'd be interested in seeing a reset input to return to step one and a way to change the sequence length. Besides that, fantastic module! I love the Bernoulli Gate feature!
Ev Buckley
12 months ago
Thank you, that's high praise coming from yourself! For 1.0 I'm planning to improve on the slew control, but design is slow, I'm terrible for over-engineering things. Not to mention that the next block is always more fun to start :)
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
I'm so hyped for v1.0 this is a really cool block!