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Controlled Explosion

Need A Lot Of Gates, No Time To Wait?

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Ev Buckley
1.0 (Updated 11 months ago)
October 27, 2020
Reaktor 6


Instant, finely controllable gate insanity when you click on the BOOM button.

Controlled Explosion fires clouds of gates as fast as you need them, on demand. The gate cloud is enveloped, with controllable density and jitter. The envelope can be exponentially shaped by the Curve control, cycled with the Cycle control, and triggered by the Gate input or by the BOOM button.

Internally, the module creates an Attack/Release envelope with a duration set by Speed and a peak point set by Peak. It compares random numbers to the envelope level at a rate set by Density and Jitter, and outputs a gate where the envelope is greater than the number. This creates a burst of gates that is most dense where the envelope is at its highest point.

Squeeze and Shift compress and offset the random numbers, allowing the density of gates to be weighted toward higher or lower envelope levels. This can be used to make gates in the tail of an exponential window shape much more or less likely to occur.

The raw envelope is available at the CRV output, and the phase driver of the envelope at the PHS output, allowing you to sync other cool things to your gate explosion. Hook this module up to a complex oscillator and an LPG, and maybe a kick drum and drop crazy drum bombs!


10 months ago
This is great - thanks!
Jonathan Tremblay
11 months ago
Ev Buckley
11 months ago
Any time, dude! And I can vouch for this block definitely being huge fun :)
Catman Dude
11 months ago
Thanks, Ev, sounds like explosive fun!