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Ping-Pong, Cross, Stretch delay.

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Z Gabr
v 1.163 (Updated 8 months ago)
October 29, 2020
Reaktor 6
Other Test Area


"Shpongler" Is Ping-Pong, Cross, Stretch delay for the strange crumpled textures.

v 1.163
Some bugs fixed
Automation parameter numbers and names changed.

v 1.161
Small bug fixed.
v 1.16
1)Added reset buffer with restarting playback.
2)Added smart delay offset.
3)Added glide sync.
4)Added Lo/Hi damp.
5)Added outgoing tap line.
6)Added instant feedback boost.
Sound examples updated.

Please test and report me about the bugs if there are any, in this thread:

Best regards. Artem Avagimov (Z Gabr)


Z Gabr
7 months ago
Thank you, jason!
jason corder
7 months ago
loving the nice resonant tones coming out of it (w the dl time animated) and very cpu efficient. ty for this!
Catman Dude
8 months ago
Nice enhancement, Artem! 5 *
Henrik Laugesen
9 months ago
Haha yeah its an account we made with our music project dunno why its hes name :D
Z Gabr
9 months ago
Hallo Henrik! Glad see you here :D
Henrik Laugesen
9 months ago
Hallo vagelis its me kalle :D and hallo mr Gabr :D
Vagelis M
9 months ago
Very cool idea, thanks!