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Now with legit shape modulation!

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5.1 (Updated 10 months ago)
November 09, 2020
Reaktor 6


This synth has two customizable waveforms, the primary (upper wave constructor) and the secondary (lower wave constructor).
The shape mod (green panel) crossfades between each waveform giving it the wave-morph effect at a frequency of your choosing (also syncs to song time).

The FM CARRIER gives you anything between modest flavor to rich and angry timbre shredding soundscapes. Operates at pitch intervals of the master key, but its "tune" value is spread across both the internal FM operators so changing that parameter to anything other than 0 adds even more unique stereo activity.
The ring modulator allows you to sculpt the timbre even more while also locking to pitch interval to cooperate with the FM CARRIER. S*** gets wild when you use pulse waveform or saw.

And as to how it all sounds with 32+ voices and a high minimum voice count....
Check out the second demo track above.


igor beuk
10 months ago
and modulatio iis smooth with that in mind ading gate to Audio unit in maschine on velocity to start sample can give amazing results for trance and techno and that aply to all other geners that use similar tricks
igor beuk
10 months ago
thank you. i made a New age and Drone relaxing music and this is Exelent sinth. Thank you