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Maschine Sequencer / Maschine Jam Sequencer Mod (Multi Gate Mods) Blocks

Mod that makes the channels of both Maschine block split

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1.1 (Updated 9 months ago)
December 05, 2020
Reaktor 6


This was a quick mod I made Friday night, and then I decided to do the same with Maschine Jam Block. I have included an ensembles for both blocks with NIJI Blocks that shows how it should be wired. Both Work really well with Digilog Clock Divider.

For the Maschine Jam Block, I added an independent gate for accents and added a port detector to allow accent to connect to the first channel in case you're too lazy to plug in the accent gate input :)

Special Thanks to Native Instruments for making and updating block and Stephan Schmitt and Herwig (Herw) for their partials library contributions that provided the selector core macro that made this mod work properly.

As a side note: the Cirrus.Core block is still available for purchase on my gumroad page. If you like this block and may like to add some complex granular effects to your blocks, please consider purchasing it here. I have a some variant ideas and more racks I will produce closer to Xmas:

Special thanks to Catman Dude for inspiring me to look at the Maschine Jam Block again.


lipo liparteliani
7 months ago
is it working on mk3 ?
8 months ago
Thanks for putting this together...very good
Catman Dude
9 months ago
Aha! Glad you did this. Thanks, Joey.
Brett Lavallee
9 months ago
Nice! Thank you.
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
great idea, Joey, thanks
Catman Dude
9 months ago
The structure looks just the same as the Maschine Sequencer. So it was easy to understand how you made your changes. (I.e. you could mod that one too without sweat.) It surprises me that so many sequencers only have one clock input!
Joey Valizan
9 months ago
Thank you, it was super direct and easy to tbh. I don't know the interworkings of the Maschine Jam Sequence but my thought is that they will have a somewhat similar structure. The internal clocks aren't multiplexed right? lol
Catman Dude
9 months ago
Nice job, Joey! I had a similar idea with respect to Maschine Jam Seq, but only added 1 more Gate-input. Your approach is really comprehensive.