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Super Ganesh Taalmala * MAXIMUM THEKA EDITION *

electronic tabla player

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December 24, 2020
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Super Ganesh Taalmala electronic tabla is a state-of-the-art digital musical instrument inspired by Radel, the pioneers in Indian electronic musical instruments.

This instrument uses the latest analog modeling technology to produce unnatural tabla sound along with sophisticated features unmatched by any other model of electronic tabla. Crystal clear, natural Stereo sound is provided for the separation of the tabla ( right hand) and the dagga ( left hand). The tempo can be gradually increased from ati-vilambit to ati-drut without stopping the theka. Many settings for bayan (dagga or left hand sound) – with a deep ‘gumki’ or a shallow ‘gumki’. Memory for storing the fine tuned pitch, tempo and bayan setting.


Petty Vendetta
8 months ago
@bindlestiff blame Paule
8 months ago
The answer to that question would really seem to be fake now. I was assembling an ensemble around Trevor Gavilan's Swarmatron as a drone gen, with Bryan Lake's Windtalker to simulate the syrupy tones of trad Indo music. I was experimenting with various Tabla, including Paule's excellent contribution, when Petty Vendetta released the first version within 15 MINUTES of my search! Now Super Ganesh has been installed with both Sektar by James Clark and also the equally amazing Infinitar by Andrew Aronson, both from the UL here, making excellent ensembles. This thing is SO versatile and really punches through the mix, good with any style, not just Indo music. Thank You for sharing this!
Petty Vendetta
9 months ago
None we are aware of, Paule
9 months ago
Tommy, are there any Niji Tabla Blocks?