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Multi Granular Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 8 months ago)
January 06, 2021
Reaktor 6


Sampulus is a Multi-Granular Synthesizer, Capable of using 4 different channels simultaneously.
On each channel you can drag your own samples, and keep it in the library on the right of the sample interface.
Each Channel got his own Granular Synthesizer, a Volume Fader for the channel (and also a On/Off Button), a Sample Library (and a delete button to delete from the list the selected sample), and a Visual Filter (Visual Filter, From “Adam Hanley”, has been taken from the Reaktor Community).
In addition all the Sounds can be affected from the Scratch Delay, the controls of the delay are in the middle of the screen, Labeled “SCRATCH DELAY SEND”.
On the Left there are the controls of the “Scratch”, which by having the the wet button turned up, it permit to use the “SCRATCH” fader (By Moving it) to modify the delay outcome, by creating a scratching effect.
Moreeverer, there is a Glitch effect that can add new textures to your already complex sound.

by Using it you will find interesting ways to apply this synth.

Thanks also to for sharing their learning resources (the "Sample Loader" Object and the Delay were built by following their tutorials instructions).

Created by Alessandro Laloli & Daniel Becker