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Krypt Seq [NBCV]

Rack Adaptation of Krypt Sequencer

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February 10, 2021
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Adaptation of the Krypt Sequencer by Lazyfish & Phirol for use in Racks. Snapshots included.

Note: does not follow the standard Block conventions, but is useful nonetheless.

As illustrated in the attached picture:

* Pitch sequencer with Quantizer (yellow path)
* Modulation Source (green and orange paths)
* Gate sequencer (purple path). Works best if gates are not consecutive, i.e. entered as distinct gates.
* If consecutive gates desired, consider multiplying output by Clock signal (results vary by Drum type)

Also included is the MIDI modification as described on

A small contribution to this amazing community. I hope you find this useful in your creations.


Václav Pajkrt
6 months ago
Hi vasco, thanks a lot.
6 months ago
@Vaclav Sorry, I have been away for a while. If you are still interested, I uploaded a demo Rack. I’ll assume you have Blocks Primes…In addition you will need DubbyLay ( and RMaker Blocks (
Václav Pajkrt
7 months ago
Hi Vasco, thanks for your adaptation. I love Krypt Seq ;) Would it be possible to attach a exampple ebsembles as you mentioned in the picture?