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Drone Device

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1.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
February 16, 2021
Reaktor 6


Binaural Droner is a Synthesizer/Sampler made for meditative/evocative evolving soundscapes.

If you liked this Device consider getting its bigger brother with 849 MB of high quality field recordings here:

Walkthrough Video here:

When you turn it on it's running already. No gates or envelopes are used here.

2 SINE Oscillators with Panning going into a Frequency Shifter is the upper first signal path.
The Oscillators and Panning can either be controlled by Lists of meditative Frequencys or by a knob. I also added some pitch modulation but only up to 1Hz ModFrequency and a range of +-100Hz.

Below the Lissajous Scope you find a Sampler loaded with a Vinyl Noise Sample and 1 high quality Field Recording. You can tune and loop the region of the selected sample to your liking.

Below the Sampler you find the Grain Cloud that gets fed by the Sampler for a jittered and pitched grainy sound that can give you some extra mojo for your evolving sounds..

All of these 3 Signals get mixed and go into a Peak Limiter before the output of the Plugin.

A random button with an amount knob make it easy to create new Drones with the push of a button.

For bigger drones put a reverb/delay behind Binaural Droner.

Have fun droning.

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2 months ago
Very enjoyable, thank you for making this.
Jake Bell
6 months ago
Thank you very much !
pluck son
6 months ago
Your work is much appreciated!
Philip Cartée
7 months ago
Thanks to Stephan for his professionalism and dedication in creating this instrument.
Jörg Holzamer
7 months ago
Sounds great. Thank you for sharing.
Stephan Bobinger
7 months ago
Seems like i hit the spot with this one. Thank you for all the nice comments. :)
Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
mmmmmm. Love the sound of this. It is calming and surprising in turns.
7 months ago
I had meant to say thanks for this excellent ens days ago but for some reason I kept falling asleep. I had been working a lot w/ Thala Estra's excellent Binaural Bowl ensemble from the UL recently, so you dropped this at a fortunate time for me, as this is another great addition to a tiny corner in the ambient/drone zone.
Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Hey Stephan, this isn't spam I hope. I'd be honoured if you wanted to join and contribute to my new Reaktor facebook page at Cheers, Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Nice, Stephan! 11/11 also.
Stephan Bobinger
7 months ago
That is high praise from you guys. Much appreciated.
Philippe Loiseau
7 months ago
Yes, good one, Stephan.
Phil Durrant
7 months ago
This is a really well thought out creation. The synth section is just perfect for drones where small fluctuations are easily found - I am thinking of Éliane Radigue. The looping Sampler and Cloud delay combination are superb for field recordings. I just had to buy the gumroad version for the added recordings. I will definitely be using this with the Valhalla 'Super Massive' plugin. Love this!