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SSFB Super Simple Filter Box

VA Filter with LFO.

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2.0 (Updated 1 month ago)
March 28, 2021
Reaktor 6
Effect Filter


A filter and LFO in a box. That's it. Simple.
You can build your own in no time, but now you don't have to.


- Changed the control range of the LFO Rate knob to 0...12. I still had it at 0...1. My bad.
- Added a bunch of slower sync rates to the LFO SYNC menu. Now you can go slooow and still keep things in sync. (thanks to Michael O'Hagan for the help!)

24/07/2021 Added a wave shape selector knob with sine, triangle and pulse.
Made some changes to the overall look, and gave the LFO rate a blinky lamp.
That's it. Keeping it simple.

26/07/2021 Designed a pointer-style knob for the wave shape selector and redesigned the Sync button.


5 months ago
Hi Phil! "VA Filter" in this case refers to the filter from the Reaktor library, named "VA Filter" by the makers of Reaktor. It's nothing fancy. In fact, i think i might end up changing it to a Ladder Filter because i think it sounds better.
Phil Price
5 months ago
Please do not read this as criticism. I am genuinely interested. What have you implemented to create the analogue part of the filter. What makes it not a digital filter?
5 months ago
Hi Paule. It's from the original VA filter that i modded. I know, it doesn't do anything. I'll get rid of it.
5 months ago
Thank you Peter. Inside your creature is an Automatic macro with IC-Sends point to nowhere. But there is no Mouse Area in your fx. Wherefore is this macro?