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MIDI Remote Control 1.32

(MRC) pata self generated Sharl algorithm

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1.33 (Updated 2 months ago)
June 25, 2021
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


- Fix: Hanging Gate

Demos created with Skanner Holiday Gift 2008

Long FloMO - Pitch & Velocity remote control for Key-Hold-Down instruments (long flow motions like Illusions of Sounds or Temporary Shading Maze)
use microtune

ModWheel amount
PitchWheel amount
@snap# choice All Notes off

MW data comes from seq 3+4
PB data comes from seq 1-4
AT data comes from seq 3
CC data from seq 1-4

If Note is set to off data are flowing on.
If seq is set to off all data are stops.

Don't forget to use the On buttons for MW, PB, AT & PAT

Paste in the instrument and connect internal MIDI with the synth

Fleetmouse, Peter Dines.

Sharl algo rules hidden central Lazies:
change after response logic zero (charlz speak like Charles or in french like Sharl) in MIDI Remote: one step from the first pos (logic zero) in 'clock direction
& length' to another step creates an event sends via IC Send to a lazy button.
Destinations are direction, pitch, clock divisor, velocity and the the sample slots.

If you play midi files or your keyboard without Wheel, Bend, Channel AT or Poly AT data set MIDI device note to Off. No MIDI notes are generates while CC data flows along.

This is a midi instrument with no sound output - controllings only.

The demos are from an instrument in progress controlled by MRC only.


2 months ago
Thank you both
3 months ago
One of the best midi controllers in the UL only getting greater all the time. Love this thing! ty
Brett Lavallee
3 months ago
nice thank you paule