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Windcontroller Ensembles

Ensembles working with Midi Breath Control CC2

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June 26, 2021
Reaktor 6


Windcontroller only!

This is a collection of instruments and synths adapted to CC2 (Midi Breath Control). I made some settings, so these ensembles should work with breath control CC2 (some better than others...). Sometimes, I used Chet Singers "Breath-controlled gain control"-block and combined it with instruments from the user library.

Breath-controlled gain control*:

Boscomac allowed me to use some of his fine instruments for my project. Thank you!

I only adapted the start-presets to work with breath control. So you have to try yourself, if other presets also work with CC2. I am no expert with Reaktor, but perhaps, you have some fun with these ensembles.
@friends of breath control: It would be fine to further improve these ensembles. Feel free to change them!

Thanks to boscomac, Chet Singer and all of the other users creating these wonderful ensembles! If I used an ensemble and may not, please write, I will take it away.

Content (zip-folder):
_breath: instruments with Chet Singer’s breath controlled gain control:
_CC2: other instruments/synths working with CC2 (breath control)

boscomac - barrousel_breath.ens
boscomac - claviness mk2_breath.ens
boscomac - humanium_breath.ens
boscomac - orgamundo_breath.ens
boscomac -tranzistorg mk2_breath.ens
boscomac - vertigo_breath.ens
Cathedral Flutes_CC2.ens
Geetar FINAL 1_breath.ens
Turn-knob Organ breath.ens
Whack lt_breath.ens

Brutal8E 1_breath.ens
Deep-Blue 1.6_CC2.ens
Fourious 2000 l_CC2.ens
Redux 1.0_CC2.ens

* You should definitely try all of Chet Singers instruments at the User Library, Many of them are made especially for windcontroller. I only integrated his (Breath) Serenade in this collection because it is not part of the User Library any more.


Chet Singer
2 months ago
This is great! Thanks for putting these instruments together in one place for wind control.
2 months ago
I see, you can not contact boscomac on the boscomac page I listed. Perhaps, he does not want to be contacted any more?
alex ozolin
2 months ago
How can I contact boscomac?