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Hermite 2X Oversampled Filter Macros (2P&4P)

Efficient HQ versions of Core 2P&4P filters

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July 27, 2021
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You no longer need to treat your DSPs like overworked Amazon warehouse employees to get better filter quality... Efficient, high quality Catmull Hermite oversampling conversions of 2P and 4P Core Library filter macros (see Boutique SKF Filter for reference). Quality comparable to or better than traditional oversampling solutions with 40 to 60% less CPU burden. A deeper dive into the mathematical details can currently be found here: (section 6.4).


andrew aronson
1 month ago
well, look at this. haha
Laurence Ketchin
2 months ago
These are very useful. Thanks!
2 months ago
Great job, thank you!
Brett Lavallee
2 months ago
Thank you