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Red Kryptonite

Krypt meets Vortex - red version

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1.0 (Updated 2 months ago)
August 16, 2021
Reaktor 6


Kryptonite is a collaboration between Catman Dude and myself comprising two
separate ensembles.

Catman designed the Blue Kryptonite with the Pitch Vortex MIDI generators
while I did the Red Kryptonite version with the MTS Vortex generators.

Red and Blue Kryptonite are available as separate combined uploads, because
they are very similar.

In each version, one of the MIDI generators drives one of the 6 channels for
Krypt. Not all of the generators need be enabled, and usually things work best
with each Vortex having a small number of blobs.

I intended to make some more sample maps with 6 separate sound sections so
that each of the 6 Vortex generators may be restricted to sounds of a similar
type. I also wanted to make some non-percussive samples, but that has not
happened, so this is partially unfinished.

Catman's version is very efficient, while mine uses a horrid amount of CPU.

As with any sequencer, start the Reaktor clock, and sometimes wait for the
Vortex to trigger.

Vortex may be found here: