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Wavetable Synthesizer

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1.61 (Updated 2 months ago)
April 05, 2022
Reaktor 6


WaveDuo was released 2 years ago on this day, to celebrate its age I decided to upload it to the User Library for the community. I hope you all enjoy :)
If you use any part of this upload for your own works, please give credit :)


WaveDuo is a monophonic/paraphonic wavetable synthesizer that houses its power not only in the modulation, but in the engines itself.
(Includes TableCapture)

Made by
Jonathan Tremblay

-- v1.61 (2022/11/17) --
MODIFIED - Tweaked the spread function to be more noticeable

If you wish to purchase a copy, you may do so using this link:


Tony Nekrews
2 months ago
....also, apologies for spelling your name wrong. I'll go away now :)
Tony Nekrews
2 months ago
My bad Johnathan, I was getting confused with another product with a similar name which was also recently updated
2 months ago
Just great, oc. ty!
2 months ago
Excellent work, thank you!
Jonathan Tremblay
2 months ago
Hi Tony, v.1.61 is the latest version. You can also find the updated version on gumroad as well. It will be the same version as here.
Tony Nekrews
2 months ago
Hi Jonathan, a bit confused here. The recent update I was notified of via Gumroad was V1.2 and this is V1.6. Which one is the latest? Ta
2 months ago
Again, thank you Jonathan.
Jonathan Tremblay
2 months ago
fixed the dl (no idea what happened)
Carlos Carloses
2 months ago
404 Not Found
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
Thanks for many, Jonathan
10 months ago
I really appreciate the amount of work that went into this. Sounds fantastic and loving the huge library of presets. Very easy to understand interface as well.
Diego deus
10 months ago
A lot of thanks! Thank you!
Paul Compton
10 months ago
Awesome, thanks!