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A modal synthesizer

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Uwe Moore
1.06 (Updated 1 month ago)
April 30, 2022
Reaktor 6


Since i could not find any REAKTOR instruments in the user library using the modal bank to emulate real world instrument, i decided to make one by myself.

Mosaik is a modal synthesizer which uses the modal bank of REAKTOR to emulate real world instruments. The main components of Mosaik are the exciter, the resonator and the formant filter bank.
The exciter produces the noise, which sets the resonator in vibration similar to a string plucked by a plectrum or bowed by a bow. The formant filters are used to emulate the resonances of the instruments body.

The amazing reverb used in Mosaik was created by Vitaly Zolotarev
Parts of the bézier implementation were adopted from the excellent Eventshaper macro created by Loowps


Claude S.
3 weeks ago
So good.
James Corley
1 month ago
RE: the bug I found: Fixed it by adding an ADSR at the end of the resonator :)
James Corley
1 month ago
Wow this sounds amazing! Weird bug I've noticed in ableton live - when pressing play and then pausing the transport, the current note will infinitely sustain, and keep sustaining until a now note is played... not sure what is causing this
George Macksoud
1 month ago
This is amazing. Some of the best modeling I've heard this way of AAS and NI Prism!
1 month ago
This sounds fantastic! Physical Modeling Synthesis is so cool and VERY well perfected in this ensemble.
1 month ago
Very nice!
1 month ago
Awesome! And nice that parts of my bezyeah stuff could be used in such a great way :)
Uwe Moore
1 month ago
Sorry, the error resulted from former experiments with the exciter module. I've uploaded a corrected version.
Guillaume Richard
1 month ago
thanks Uwe! interesting instrument. it works ok here but I get this error every time I open it "Cannot open external file C:\Users\Uwe\Documents\Native Instruments\Reaktor 6\Exciter.ntf. Classic table will be zero-initialized." Maybe you can fix it... Thanks!