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Geometry and Grains

A resonator and granular delay

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1.0 (Updated 2 months ago)
July 23, 2022
Reaktor 6


This file is a pair of modules and an ensemble demo.

Geometric Lattice is a resonator that can resonate in chords.
Getting the right octave can be difficult sometimes. When in doubt, drop your pitch input an octave or two.

Cloud Delay is a stereo granular delay. It was not made in core, so there's no modulation inputs.
You have to run sound through it to work.

These were both pretty much made from scratch, so there's probably a few bugs.

I used the Extended Blocks Template by Joey Valizan for the resonator :
For some reason, the A modulation button activates on reset. I have no idea why :(


2 months ago
I use the Freshmaker from the Fresh Lisa fx mod by Don Dailey, without the Lisa, lol. No DD dis intended, I love the fx, but more mod vectors are better.
2 months ago
ooo! I am quite impossibly extracting the most beautiful resonant drones from a stack of obnoxious foley sounds that I ran through OVERL++ (a great UL block which can be internally stacked, easily creating a click-able folder style layered GUI). What a great surprise! ty
2 months ago
Yes, very handy when confronted by the art-piece container synth w/ no user access in the UL, very satisfying to command/"penetrate" the sonic mysteries. with full respect to the creators oc. BTW - This is working very nicely, with great results. I will use this often. Thanks!
Rick Howell
2 months ago
That's actually really cool, I was unaware of that entry in the UL. Thanks!
2 months ago
I use the Freshmaker from the UL to modulate this sort of stuff, which (wonderfully) can give access to parameter controls etc not assigned GUI knobs.