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Henon Space Center

A 5 Gen Chaos Band

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August 17, 2022
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A low cpu 5 gen chaos band with bass and drum machine based on the physical modeling of a very large mammal of the order Proboscidea. The Henon chaotic map with the following equation is used:

x(n+2) = 1 - a * x(n+1)^2 + b * x(n)

The way to understand this ensemble is imagine 2 seperate bands with 4 guitarists, a lead, a bass player and drummer. Both are palying similar but different material and on step 16 band 1 stops and the other starts. Then band 1 starts again at step 1. This is a seemless and automated process.
Or if the seq is run in random direction mode the 2 bands switch between each other randomly.

+ GEN 1+2 - Dual Henon Trunkozoid Gens.
+ GENS 3+4 - 2 random generators clocked by the Henon Gens.
+ GEN 5 - A seperate lead line
+ random - gen - snaps - x/y
+ parabolic shaper
+ self FM
+ morph generators 1-4 between a simple and complex variation
+ squared variation on gens 1-4
+ autoseeder
+ chromatic snap
+ 4 clock vca ins for each generator
+ Sequencer with triggers.
+ An 8 step gate on gens 1-4
+ A 7 piece logik driven ivory drum kit.
+ Space delay + cubik variation on all gens.
+128 ensemble snaps + 7 mixer snaps.
+ multiouts

To avoid a gargantuan GUI the Henon Space Center Chaos has many shared controls that control all gens with 1 dial. eg drive. speed, pitch, shpaer self fm, VCA, chaos parameters , gates etc

The 5 Generators have no oscillators, instead sound is derived from feedback SVF filters.

The 32 step sequencer is clocked by clock in 1. When running in forward direction it will trigger things to happen on different steps.

On step 16 the random gens flip to a variation, and the drums pattern changes aswell.
On step 24 the Henon gens have a variation.

On step 30 Henon 1 makes a trill.

Kik 1 is logik driven on step 1-16, then switches to random on steps 17-32
Kik 2 is a flip of Kik 1
On step 28 - 32 the snare has a random roll.
Closed Hats have a trigger on steps 16-32 that switches to cymbals.
Open hats are logic driven from Henon 1+2

The Clock ins will gate and sync the chaos gens to the clock.

MOD A/B are randomized, they have a frequency control each, and can be stepped or linear.

The bass is derived from Gen 1. It can be gated to Kik1.

Thanks to Hetrick's original Henon block.


1 month ago
Hey Saleem, the ensemble is over at the forum.
1 month ago
Hey Saleem, the ensemble is over at the forum.
Saleem Razvi
2 months ago
The download only gives you a text description.
3 months ago
Cheers Philippe, viva la chaos!
Philippe Loiseau
3 months ago
Well done again Cal
3 months ago
Thanks man!
Pablo Bastian
3 months ago
@Cal Scott, you are a mad scientist and your crazy ensembles are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your great generosity at sharing these!!!
3 months ago
The ensemble is over at the forum.