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Uno E-ano

E piano

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November 24, 2022
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Uno E-ano. The one sample E piano. This is only my second instrument in primary. But I like the sounds I can get out of it. The one sample is actually the open low e or g string of a guitar. There are several FX, which I previously knew nothing about. The first two parts of the demo are no other FX and only Uno and my drum machine. Then a mastering plugin. The third part is with FX and guitar. The reason I got into primary was because I dug a perfectly good Roland E-85 out of the dumpster. And it makes a great Midi keyboard, sans wheel. It does have a pedal but I think it might just be binary. Haven't tried it yet.


Brett Lavallee
2 months ago
This winter I go into hibernation with this instrument and a bottle of wine, and emerge during the new year as a jazzier, funkier soul.
2 months ago
Sounds great Will. Pretty good for your second ensemble. This is very useful for pluck sounds.