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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
April 17, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


MIDASThe MetaSequencing Subenvironment has finally arrived....againThis is a "vast" improvement on the MetaSequencer24X--now up to 64 voices per instance of each Looper (SupaDupaLupa of which you can have multiple instances) and much lower cpu even w/64 voices, you can record and copy in the pattern view (a separate view). It now has 64 banks which can hold up to 128 patterns each with up to 128 steps(this can also be configured). More modular-- thanks to ideas from the maker of the Caterpillar Sequencer--Timothy Lamb is his name i believe-- Thanks for the great ideas!!!!I use tables to pass polyphonic data and separate/route gates to different reaktor voices, etc. Check out the the "pitch process" macro in the SupaDupaLupa.Each midi key triggers a sequence(s) instead of a midi note via the Supa-Dupa-Lupa interface. You can cut and paste as many Supa Dupa Lupas into the MIDAS instrument as you like. All the SupaDupaLupa's will use the same pattern tables but can be routed to different external/internal midi channels (they are instruments themselves). Refer to the hints. Advanced copy module-- you can expand and contract patterns,and when you expand you can configure MIDAS to copy the original note x times (i.e. a 4 1/4 note pattern expanded to 16th notes will have a gap of 3 steps which can be filled). Tempos and loop lengths are automatically adjusted (each step of every sequence can have a different tempo-- in the previous version each sequence or pattern had 1 tempo--and you can have external midi clock messages for voices you select, internal clock for other voices, and manual tempo adjustments for other voices).TO PLAY: Load the gonzo classic-- set to receive from internal midi channel 4, and bring up the SupaDupaLupa, hit note 64 to hear the pattern play (and you also have to press play if External Clock is activated--read the hints).WARNING: EXTRACT TABLES WITH FULL PATHNAME to C:\TEMP\REAKTOR_TABLES\MIDAS2. This instrument vitally depends on tables (all of which you can access through the various config modules-- not the supadupalupa-- as it is the 2nd client and contains hidden copies--use "save as" to move the table for all clients-- do not use "load" otherwise the clients will lose contact (i can't wait to metasequence Kontakt!!)--unless you look at the structure and find all the clients.Happy MetaSequencing... Again!RomulusMeta-Ism Productions NYC 2002Reviews:"This version is up to 3.5x better than my friends dv cam" "It makes the MetaSequencer24X seem monophonic and nonrecursive" "I can finally stop working on this thing and make music...or more instruments...hmmm"(reviews provided by an independent source)


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Reaktor 3 unsemble ?