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FIR-Filters in R4 with unit-delays

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0.4 (Updated 15 years ago)
June 17, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
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v0.4: Coefficient calculation is done iteratively, now. CPU-Load dropped extremely. At the moment no more calculation of phase- and frequency-response graphs. Will come soon. The contained "BruteForce" Instrument shows the non-iterative way...Please don´t unmute "BruteForce": It´s quite CPU-expensive.
v0.3: FIR-Coefficients are calculated automatically by a circuit now. F controls the filter-cutoff. Still for demonstration purposes only, at the moment, as the algorithm used is quite cpu-consuming. I hope i can solve this to build filters with higher orders.
v0.1: Basic design. Coefficients have to be calcuated manually




16 years ago
richard durham
16 years ago
you truly are an outstanding facet of this community. thank you very, very much. really hope you get the fft going. cheers!
max /wellental
16 years ago
thanx ! i´m working on an iterative method at the moment to drop the cpu-load. seems to work fine until now. the coefficient-calculation is already running. cpu-load dropped from 78% to 2% when doing 32nd-order lowpass-filtering with fir. should get ready this will be a fft-module if possible...
Rolf Schmuck
16 years ago
no comments? it's just great what you do here, max; and i am curious what comes next.
max /wellental
16 years ago
ok ! i had a much better idea, yesterday eve. i´ll build up the macros for coefficient-calculation at next and upload them as an update. it´s not that easy to do that, as reaktor is no real programming-language and my source are coded in assembler, so i must re-engineer the algorithms in reaktor. hope this will work, but my tests yesterday looked not too bad. back to the roots, back to the math...