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Wavetable synth

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0.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
October 24, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


2 Oscillator with 50 waveform (5 analog)
4 envelopes
2 LFO with quantization for rhytmic mod
rate, amp, quantize, controlled by envelopes
2 filters with saturator
1 Eq
1 Chorus
1 tempo delay
1 reverb

Have Fun!


pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
sorry for ma english! traduction by google :-) Thank you I do not believe to have very understood. you little to try to put the LFO in triangle mode, to at least put the PW, or maximum, and to play with the level of quantisation and the speed of the LFO
Cyprian Li
15 years ago
Cyprian Li Very good sounds. Is there any knob that can change the speed of rhythm in a continuous tone?
tadashi sasaki
15 years ago
Alistair May
15 years ago
Very interesting - and worth a look. Quantisation of LFOs is innovative. Capable of rather organic, developing sounds.
marco vicari
15 years ago
great,i luv it!
Rick Scott
15 years ago
well done, pierre-andre! i really like this beastie. it's capable of producing truly unusual, unpredictable sounds ... which is what i look for in reaktor kreationen. fun to randomize. :-)