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October 26, 1999
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Mini-Sculptor ----------------------------- Mini-Sculptor is a granular-resynthesis module. It allows for time-based manipulation and control over any sample waveforms or live external audio signals. A real-time granulizer module allows for strange, unusual and sometimes chaotic effects. Listed below are the available components... -Resampler w/ADSR -External Audio Input -Granulizer -(3x) Sample+Hold LFO -Dual Multimode Filters w/Q -Filter LFO -Wave File Exporter The Resampler module gives further control over playback speed, pitch, grain, start points, loop start/length and volume evelopes for any and all loaded sample waveforms. The module includes a pre-loaded waveform of a 4 measure beat-loop created in Steinberg Rebirth. You will notice that rythmic loops, percussion and other samples that have empty space in between sounds work the best with Mini-Sculptor. Please take precaution when using this module! , 1999