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tube type amp simulation

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0.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 02, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


tube amp simulation with 2main modes, 1st mode has some linearity before distortion kicks in above a certain level, 2nd mode is like the bubu saturator i.e. non-linear from 0 amplitude up. both modes have + and - feedback. "linear" mode has a hardness control which changes the 'knee'. a hp filter routes some bass to a separate section. have just uploaded new file which will hopefully sort out possible mac issues. also there is an automatic gain instrument in this ens, allows easy normalising of signals, usually put right at the end of your audio chain.


Niclas Schult
10 years ago
wonderful ensemble. great tubish sound and very versatile. One of my favourites. 10/10
hell woooda
15 years ago
per unzip problemoz: seems like 10.3.2 may've been one of those buggy versions, like 10.2.7; [EG: 10.4.1 would not deal with blank CDs (while burning and reading audio fine) just a minute ago here, upped to .4.2, works now.]
Evan Schiller
15 years ago
warm and crunchy. excellent!
Tobias Wagner
16 years ago
sounds great with any setting. no probs with anything.
Kevin Goldsmith
16 years ago
No problem unzipping on Mac 10.2.8
Zip Boterbloem
16 years ago
still doesn't unzip properly.
Zip Boterbloem
16 years ago
Peter Baumgartner
16 years ago
In my opinion maybe the best tube-sat-sound in the library.
Zip Boterbloem
16 years ago
I also get the decompression failed: file corrupt error. Mac 10.3.2
andy paddon-smith
16 years ago
No probs here decompressing,and I'd just like to say this thing totally rocks.Very vesatile tool.Thanx much Barry!!
Morgan Jones
16 years ago
"decompression failed: corrupt file"