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Extension/Modification of Lazyfish's NewscoolRandit

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0.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
February 12, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


Sequencer is now 32 steps. Now 8 'operators' which can be sine, noise or sample. Added attack parameter to operators. Amp section has my distortion in it with much better 'knee' control. Autogain macro also present for amp normalisation. Small sample map included as are a few quick snaps. If the ens dies after about a second - press stop button, turn off reaktor, re-open ens, turn on reaktor and press play. I think this bug is caused by the large number of events required. NI - can we go back to the way R3 handled events ? Sorry in advance to mac users if this download is bogey, cant help you there. Total repect is due to L A Z Y F I S H.


Phil Durrant
15 years ago
well, i have a Mac and i had no problems playing it. this is a very promising upload. all the elements are there for a great creation. i am sorry to say but i think the presets really let this down. there is loads of the same delay on every preset. this really clouds the issue. but do download this and do your own snaps and turn the delay off until you really need it. sorry, i just don't like delay plastid over everything;-)