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p r o g r a m c h i l d p a r t n e r

sample drumbox

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2.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
June 10, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


sample based rudimental-drummer
fractals of drumgrooves can be patched together to never ending beat sessions.

pattern sequencer and song sequencer
make huge arrangements possible.

meant to play along r e c h o r d e r
or any other generative instrument!

still improving, expect further updates!


-now starts with the first note
-improved shuffle algorithm
-added humanize algorithm
-sample prefer algorithm makes sure that snare
and kick do not sound at the same time
-many bugfixes
-send effect
-added crash cymbal sequencer (plus "no hat" algorithm)
-added intelligent quantized locators
-added cpu saving features
-added output management
-improved humanize
-improved shuffle
-improved send effect
-new samples

demo mp3: partner playing along rechorder

p r o g r a m c h i l d
will survive


Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Great machine, fun to discover these treasures. Thank you Programchild
Mark Mcdonald
12 years ago
Found RealPartner and your website. I think I owe you some $ after all these years. Thanks again and keep free!
Richard Figone
13 years ago
hey dude. i want to say thank you very much for this instrument. basically, this has made me delete all of the Boss DR Rhythm machines that i have been watching on ebay. this is simple and VERY effective. only thing i wish it had is triplets. nevertheless, great stuff. the song seq section took me a little bit to figure out, since the values increase from top to bottom, opposite of the sequencer table to the left.
Donald Valdez
14 years ago
good deal
Robert Żwirkowski
14 years ago
Robert Żwirkowski
14 years ago
thank you
Robert Żwirkowski
14 years ago
Robert Żwirkowski thank you
hell woooda
15 years ago
Katherina Grashof
15 years ago
hi! sounds great, though i would love to use it un-sequenced, i.e. to be able to play the different sounds by midi keyboard. is that possible? thanks!
craig baxter
16 years ago
craig baxter
16 years ago
excellent work again!
Dirk Radtke
16 years ago
beautifull sequencer! thank you
paul chauncy
16 years ago
Formidable Monsieur Child, merci beaucoup! Vive le Program Child!
hello programchild
16 years ago
hi norman, the high cpu load is due to the internal compressor, 5 eq´s and send effect, also the single out routing needs some cpu. On my 2ghz pc it takes 18%. Disable the compressor display by clicking into it to save cpu, when you disable the send effect you will also save cpu.
Norman Wilson
16 years ago
Top marks for the sequencer, but the synth section is an unnecessary CPU hog. 5 samplers and it uses 50% CPU on my powerbook. Nice work but I think you should spend more time optimising for CPU usage.
Robert Croft
16 years ago
i love it
Gerald Patient
16 years ago
where else would you get all this stuff free keep up the good work
andraz bole
16 years ago
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
great for flexible rhythms and for creating evolving grooves that are not just a boring repeated 2 bar loop. and thanks for the updates.
Ingo Zobel
16 years ago
as always, a great ensemble. typical programchild.
Manfred Schimchen
16 years ago
Wowie - Zowie , Rock me , Baby
Jerry Schroeder
16 years ago
aw yeahhh. programchild bringin' da funk once again!
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Buy one, get one free! Can't beat that with a stick. Thanks for the contributions
Kevin Hopper
16 years ago
Not bad...for a drum machine. ;-)
Andrej Imamovic
16 years ago
Great, thanks!
Bagnoud Hervé
16 years ago
Thanks :-)
Thomas Watson
16 years ago
programchild for president!
hello programchild
16 years ago
yeah...updates are in the works!
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
alive and kicking.......HOWEVER, the one annoying thing about this genius "drumbox" is that when you stop and then does not play the first beat. please programchild fix is really annoying not to hear the kick at the start.
hello programchild
16 years ago
paul my man, write to
Al Watson
16 years ago
bloody hell man! this is fun. you're like a drug dealer realling me in like this! where do i buy the other .ens?!!