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Stereo spatializer based on the SSpat module in AudioMulch

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1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
September 30, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a stereo spatializer based on the SSpat module in AudioMulch. Hook up an audio input and optionally a Gate. Then send the outputs L and R to your output and rvL and rvR to the reverb unit of your choice (reverb unit should be set to fully wet for full effect). Record a path along which your input sound travels. You can adjust velocity, amount of Doppler shift, size of the field, amplitude attenuation, stereo separation, high-frequency absorption, reverb send amount, reverb send scaling.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.

Red Wierenga


Declan O'Regan
7 years ago
dude, this is brillaint, i am highly loving this..
Constantin Popp
13 years ago
don fanning
15 years ago
Is it posssible to create an ens. for us Session users? Can't upgrade for another year at least. Very intersted-thanks
Dragan Jovanovic
15 years ago
Waboh! Itza MACRO...sorry...I Depp I !
Dragan Jovanovic
15 years ago
High! Yu can save the .ens as a .ins in Session...than yu can use it!
hell woooda
16 years ago
wot? izzat why I cannot figure out what to do? well then this session user has a use for this one, too..
gabriel mulzer
16 years ago
suggestions for improvement - you could include an .ins version as well, since session users might have a use for it too, and some snaps would help to get a quicker understanding how to use it. a hint about the value range for the external x/y inputs would be helpful too