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Distort Omit Collection

Collection of unique distortions based on Trevor Wishart's wavecycle distort omit

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April 15, 2005
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Effect Distortion


This is a collection of unique distortions which based on Trevor Wishart's "wavecycle distort omit," which works by omitting pseudo-wavecycles from an input signal. This effect is quite different from standard distortions.

In addition to a realtime implementation of wavecycle distort omit, this collection includes:

"distort omit stochastic," which omits wavecycles according to user-defined probability;

"distort pan," which pans every x out of every y wavecycles (similar to "channel burst masking" as in Curtis Roads' Pulsar Generator), with pan amount set by the user; and

"distort invert," which, rather than omitting wavecycles, inverts every x out of every y wavecycles.

More information is contained in the instruments themselves. Also, see the Composer's Desktop Project website for further information. In contrast to CDP processes, these work in real-time for effect usage. Try them out on sine waves, speech, vocals, crash cymbals, electrical and acoustical guitars, music of the hills, music of the valleys, &c., &c.

Your friend,

Red Wierenga
red at redwierenga dot com


Thomas Thomas McIntyre
16 years ago
Interesting lo-fi effect. Thanx
Guy Sigsworth
16 years ago
4. Interesting...
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
good to see you in holland. this is really great. i am doing a project where i need to transform speech samples, this will be used a lot. this definitely has a different sound. nice one!!
paul vogel
16 years ago
I've found this useful. Thanks
Evan Schiller
16 years ago
very cool- thanks!!!!!