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tabla orchestra

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Rick Scott
1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
December 03, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


use this to satisfy your deepest (poly)metrical needs.


Andrew Huang
9 years ago
Impressive! I own tabla so don't have a ton of use for this ensemble in it's current form, but I plan on picking it apart for doing other drum sequencing...
12 years ago
Michael Gutsche
13 years ago
Remind me of a trip to India 15 Years ago. Nice,
Steve Watson
14 years ago
Just what I needed. Cheers
Edward Hipkins
14 years ago
amazing........some more variation in the drum sound like heath said would nail it
David Kennedy
14 years ago
Interesting idea. There *seems* to be some misbehavior among the sequences - like a one-off error in the actual number of pattern steps or something. Maybe I just need to look at it more.
Mark Holroyd
14 years ago
Very musical! Love it!
Neil Fraser
14 years ago
Ace! Love the random function
Matthew Traum
14 years ago
Awesome piece of work! A total blast to jam with! The random feature actually creates musically useful grooves. Thank you.
Gabriel Le Mar
15 years ago
cybababa on the tablas - great tool!
Omar Sharan
15 years ago
awesome . enough said.
Rainer Ortwein
15 years ago
great for interesting experiments and atmospheres, a touch of "tangerine dream" ...
Aaron Briel
15 years ago
what up rick its diggz .. this instrument is off the chainz dawg
Roland Reinke
15 years ago
Looking forward to trying this!
Heath Rezabek
15 years ago
a second note; it took me a few secs to figure out to link the clock to 'eXt' in order to link it to BPM. it's probably a neat idea to allow a choice, but what about making BPM-linkage the default? this disconenct was the main thing that soured jitterBug for me; only there i didn't see a choice at all.
Heath Rezabek
15 years ago
rick, this is gorgeous! i have been looking for acoustically modelled instruments and drums, and while i absolutely love the quirky variances in timbre and tempo possible with geigerDrum, i have to say that the density of tabla's rhythms and its grid-randomization structure is hard to beat! i also love the auTo function, which essentially allows me to 'channel-surf' for rhythms. :) so, any chance of adding a little more quirky character [timbre, resonance, etc] into the drum-characteristics region? if you did, and maybe even added a bank or two more drumtracks which were switchable, you'd have it completely nailed. great stuff! -aqaraza
paul chauncy
15 years ago
Paul Jarrett
15 years ago
One of my top 10 favorite ensembles. It's working it's way into more and more of our pop-music productions, even. Thank you so much!
Colin-Patrick Charles
15 years ago
Can't say it'll replace the original (what happened to all those randomize buttons?) but it may well compliment it well enough.
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
Question for Rick: I really like the timing feature with the randomiser there any way to sync the randomiser with the clock so that the changes occur at the start of the new bar (or whatever bar amount you choose)? That would be brilliant.
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
This wonderful ensemble does not deserve to be dressed up in GREY! Nice to see one of your old masterpieces turning up for a re-fit.
Lee Hicks
15 years ago
nice grey color, my kind kind of rhythmic adventure.
Dieter Zobel
15 years ago
Long waited for an update,Herr Rachmiel!