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Display typing

Fancy multi text display

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1.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
August 23, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


Here it is, just press the letters to type and then place the finished version in your ensembles! (Please please: )

Thanks to the creator of the fontastic Hershey Font Generator.


Richard Smith
16 years ago
Very cool :-) I wanted to do something like this, but creating the font generator took me so long I decided to go back and start trying to write some music instead! Thanks for sharing. This is what the UL is all about...
ant stewart
16 years ago
Thanks for the idea of an ensemble labeller!
ant stewart
16 years ago
Actually I've got a version where you can type things and then place anywhere on a ensemble-sized multipicture with one click, that's coming in a week or so initially as a patch panel and I should probably make a version that you say- can someone tell me whether it's possible to place a multipicture under an ensemble so can access all the controls without covering in with the multipicture?
daniel battaglia
16 years ago
looks cool...i really wanted reaktor 5 to have differant font size/types for text, but i guess this and the hershey font ensemble are a start. thanks