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R5 revised Weedwacker

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
September 13, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


Updated Weedwacker - All modulations can be audio rate(SR.R) apart from vibrato and PEQ resonance control which can optionally be 'clocked' at SR.R/2 i.e. half the sample rate. There is an added drone button in EG1. Of note are the oscillators used for the LFOs and in EG2, it took me ages to get the emulation of the R4 LFO correct what with snc and phase etc. Included is the original MIDI demo file and snapshots. This version sounds absolutely authentic i.e. snaps sound like they should, of course higher resolution modulation increases the 'quality' of the sound. Modified gui is easy on the eye for long sessions with this wonderous beast. The vast majority of credit goes to Siegmar Kreie for instrument design (also Vladislav Delay and Uwe G. Hoenig - snaps and demo)This is a stunning instrument and if you love Weedwacker, this will provide.


stephen grunden
2 years ago
classic synth
Bartek Nowacki
9 years ago
Hi Tom! The same problem here - doesn't work with my MIDI keyboard.
Tom Weijers
9 years ago
This is the only softsynth ensemble which ONLY plays when I use my computer keyboard and NOT with my normal MIDI keyboard. Anyone with the same problem??
13 years ago
interesting conception (LFO-matrix) some sounds are too noisy be carefull with PA when changing snaps
Simon Kirby
13 years ago
Inspirational, organic, breathtaking sounds. Thanks for updating!
umran ali
14 years ago
get no audio from the new version
Emi Yamada
15 years ago
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
i know this is an older posting but i just gotta say that i loved the original weedwacker and this update is just that much better. excellent work
Evan Schiller
15 years ago
some crazy lo fi action on this green machine. the random button can blow woofers- careful.
Randolf Reimann
16 years ago
I really like weedwacker and use it a lot. But even when I've turned off all the 'recall by' (properties) buttons the drive dial and or the boost dial always snap to zero when I stop the midi sequence in Cubase. I then have to reload the preset to get the original settings. It's a great, unique synth, Thanks
pius morger
16 years ago
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
great the pulse wave LFOs are back. this is a fantastic upload it always was a wonderful synth but the differences here really make this a reaktor must. one of my favourites.
Ian Clay
16 years ago
Cant seem to open this on a mac os 9 either in standalone reaktor, or vst plugin. No problem opening other synths from the user library. Weedwacker is one of my favourite ensembles, look forward to getting this new version up and running.
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
i miss the pulse wave choice on the LFOs. i (personally) don't like the background but the other graphics are nice. good work though.
Mike Woloszyn
16 years ago
Back from da underground!!!!