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16x Memory Modulation Matrix

Edit and store the modulation values and recall them by random

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1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
February 10, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


this little macro lets you edit and store the values of (as much) faders (as u want to (in this example there are eight, but can be easyly expanded...) in one of sixteen cells of a memory engine!
you can recall these values by random with option for speed and smoothness of the value-"jumps"


Antonio Blanca
13 years ago
Hey Joachim! Thank for sharing! you macro is very useful! Thanks Again!! Cheers!
Joachim Schneider
13 years ago
:) fine, thank's phil!
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
very nice indeed, this is a very useful macro.