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MetaToy 2

Glitchy and Scratchy meet Theramin and Mash it up

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1.2 (Updated 14 years ago)
May 03, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


MetaToy 2 is based on an old R3 ensemble but rebuilt with new GUI, patches etc. It's capable of generating similar visuals to Metaphysical Function but unlike MF is not designed to just run and generate ambient sounds - you create your own sounds and visuals by scratching on the screen and/or using your midi keyboard (I tend to use both at once, mouse in one hand and midi keyboard with the other). The filter is also XY controllable.

This is a very expressive instrument and even very tiny subtle movements can radically shift the sound - and also just holding the mouse in one place can generate variations of pattern and sound for many patches. On the other hand wildly scratching around with the mouse can create sonic mayhem (watch the speakers though). So try everything - its made to be played with!

The sound can be a bit like MF but its mainly generated by pitchshifting and filtering and doesn't incorporate samples so it's probably more suited to whacked out space type sound effects and scratchy tape fx sounds.


4 years ago
The link isn’t broken. The ensemble workd very well!
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Broken link also in user profile :(
Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
I love this. a lot.
p b
7 years ago
Ariel Kenan
10 years ago
whoa there, David! what's wrong with snap isolating master volume? that's how all of my hardware synths function
David Bowes
13 years ago
Is there a good and valid reason why the main volume is snap isolated?
Alexander Fordyce
14 years ago
Stumbled upon this by accident - very cool. Much fun to attack with a Wacom tablet. That's my next project - finding out how to pull in the rest of the CC info the tablet can output, e.g. X/Y axis tilt.
Georg Fries
14 years ago
indeed an expressive instrument, and fun to play plus using the mouse and see what happens.
das wesen
14 years ago
This rocks! very nice sounds!
James Clark
14 years ago
Nice, you can get good Boards of Canada and Coil type sounds out of it.
Donovan Stringer
14 years ago
Yay, you uploaded it!
Eric Wistrand
14 years ago
Looks like fun, Stephen :) Comments to come...