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randomized automation devices

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Rick Scott
1.3 (Updated 14 years ago)
July 26, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


two approaches to randomation (randomized automation): one using sine waves and one using geiger/randomize modules to generate quasi-random values.

i removed the original version because i think people were paying too much attention to graidelVerb, which was just a demo for the randomators.

to use:

1. drop the randomation instrument of your choice into an ensemble and connect the randomators to the controls you want to randomate.

or ...

2. paste the randomation macro of your choice directly into an instrument that you want to randomate, then make the connections.


Joshua Rochowiak
12 years ago
Thank you for your toys. I recently used your randomize button in an upload called decendant. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you approve.
shawn gilbert
13 years ago
hello..being new to reaktor,& the UL,i chose to respond to something that hasn't gotten a response in a while,hopefully this is a testament to my opinion of your "older".ens's,in my opinion you make INCREDIBLE tools,FUN tools, and at my stage,"some"tools that need pdf's for laymen like me to fully understand their true abilities....i admire all of the work of your's i've come across....thanks for your time and effort.
Der Einmeier
14 years ago
i had already so much fun with the previous version i included in my already heavily patched limelite... i'd also like to recommend using this as a macro for reverbs to create "living rooms" (just trigger the mix, size, predelay etc) - awesome work, so useful, so entertaining and so damn inspiring!
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
Thanks to the ricKer!
Donovan Stringer
14 years ago
"why?" Oh, nothing..just wondering at the genius that grok'ed that one up.. :P
Rick Scott
14 years ago
georg: froehlicher geburtstag! :-)
Rick Scott
14 years ago
georg, mike: thanks! :-) donovan: yes, it's the same macro, but with a few improvements (more channels, global controls, etc.). why? got any suggestions for improvements ...
Donovan Stringer
14 years ago
I guess my post got lost when you deleted the other upload, but what I asked was whether or not this was the sine array macro that we discussed last month. cheers, D
mike stacey
14 years ago
still sweet!!!!!
Georg Fries
14 years ago
Actually this is my birthday, Rick, so I take this as a Heidelberg-birthday-gift:-)). And some sorry for the e-mail attachment last week ;-)))))