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weedwaker modification

psychopathic bumblebee from Mars sounds

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2.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
August 30, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


this is a modification of weedwaker that makes it more usable for pads and lead sounds-better keyboard scaling and timbers.

Watch out for the volume:)

thanks to Uwe


jace cavacini
14 years ago
ok, i feel silly saying this, but... i knew i loved it as soon as i tried herpes... This one's staying in my library...
ant stewart
15 years ago
I would recommend that you put in a saturator following the oscillators, because the sound is very hard on the ears, the extra oscillator is a FM oscillator which uses the best features from the original oscillator-the strange fader written turb brings back some of the crazy pitch modulation of the original although what was happening in the original was that for all the pads there was about three independent pitch modulations happening simultaneously so I tethered it and just keptthe principle one. It's strange because apart from having three simultaneous pitch oscillations on one oscillator structure, the synthesiser is basically perfect and the fruit of lots of really well thought out labour. What a classic.
ant stewart
15 years ago
bug 1 fixed
ant stewart
15 years ago
harharhar and a bottle of rum:) timbers aye hey-you might want to connect the FM osc "sin" to the selector "0"input until I manage to upload the fix
James Duffett-Smith
15 years ago
Right, I love this one - I was using it only yesterday and trying to get the blighter to stay in tune, so thanks for this - I hope that it does (vaguely) what it is told!
Chris R Gibson
15 years ago
'keyboard scaling and timbers' Well, shiver me 'timbers' then! I will check out it's 'timbres' while I am at it ;-)