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FFT demo2

another demonstration at audio rate

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
September 27, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


thanks to Robin Davies

Have a look at the picture, it can analyse frequencies up to 176.2Khz which is quite high on the piano keyboard.

1.1, added audio table


alexander schranz
9 years ago
great. really good work !
ant stewart
14 years ago
also I would mention I would add the above but really it should be tailor-made depending on the purpose. Also it is possible to add a grid to calibrate frequencies by eye. With the audio table.:p
ant stewart
14 years ago
hey thanks, the freeze is all Robin Davies work from his original ensemble, and it would also be possible to freeze the audio table with a switch. it is a proof of concept, really, there is the possibility of adding a mouse area that outputs peak data when you click on the peaks, or even a peak-detect algorithm that goes over the audio table and compares the peak data, having variable refresh rates on the audio table input to save processing power. etc:)
Chet Singer
14 years ago
This is great stuff. You don't mention or show the new freeze button and zoom knob you've added, both of which are valuable improvements.
Robin Davies
15 years ago
Very cool. I like the xy display especially.
ant stewart
15 years ago
was going to be a forum attachment but it is too many kilobytes.